Super Bowl 55 Recap – HSAC Podcast Episode #3

You can listen to this podcast on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts. On this episode, David Arkow, Ella Papanek, Danny Blumenthal, and Tucker Boynton recap the Super Bowl and discuss how analytics factored into the game. We explore questions such as:

  • What did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do schematically to suffocate the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense?
  • What statistics can we use to evaluate offensive line play? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • How much of a role did penalties play in this game? How can we analyze whether there is any referee “bias”?
  • Which team is more likely to make it back to the Super Bowl next year?

To Learn More:

The Harvard Sports Analytics Collective (HSAC) is a group of students dedicated to the quantitative and statistical analysis of sports. Check out our website at and follow us on Twitter @Harvard_Sports.

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