Nicholas Lopez ’25
Nicholas is a junior in Quincy House from Winter Haven, Florida, concentrating in Applied Mathematics with a focus in Computer Science. He has an interest in many sports and is specifically a fan of the New York Giants, Chicago Cubs, and Tampa Bay Lightning. This past summer, he was a Quantitative Trading Intern at Optiver and will be returning to Optiver this coming summer. Outside of HSAC, he is on the board of the Harvard Financial Analysts Club. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys playing tennis and watching hockey.


Zach Stack ’25
Zach is a junior in Adams House, studying computer science and economics. As a member of HSAC, he has consulted for two professional sports teams and has written an all-decade baseball article on the HSAC blog. He is the founder of a nonprofit organization dedicated to allowing people with mental and physical impairments the opportunity to play baseball. He is an avid Chicago sports fan and enjoys playing poker and attending sporting events with friends.


Pranay Varada ’25
Editor in Chief
Pranay is a junior in Kirkland House from Irving, Texas studying Statistics and Government. Outside of HSAC, he serves as the Solicits Chair for the Harvard International Review and as Content Lead at the Harvard Open Data Project, and enjoys composing music for the piano. He is a fan of the Cowboys and Mavericks as well as Premier League club Everton.


Harron Lee ‘27
Harron is a freshman in Matthews Hall from Pittsburgh, PA, studying Applied Mathematics with a focus on Economics. He is a huge Pittsburgh sports fan (Steelers, Pirates, Penguins) and his favorite sport to watch is baseball. Outside of HSAC, Harron is on the data analytics team for the varsity program as well as the Harvard Undergraduate Venture Capital Group as a sourcing analyst. In his free time away from school, he is an avid golfer and poker player.


Kat Ravichandran ‘26
Director of Membership
Kat is a sophomore in Lowell House from Charlottesville, Virginia, joint concentrating in Computer Science and Statistics with a secondary in Philosophy. At Harvard, she is also in the Harvard College Consulting Group, Crimson Cellos, and an avid IMer in everything from foosball to football. She is a DIE-HARD Boston sports fan with secondary, Virginia-borne passions for DC and UVA.


Soham Gupta ’27
Director of Programming
Soham is a freshman living in Canaday Hall. Originally from Chicago, he’s a huge fan of the Bears and Bulls. At Harvard, he is studying Computer Science and Statistics and is also an analyst for the Harvard Data Analytics Group. When he’s not busy coding, you can often find him playing pickup or enjoying a slice of Pinocchio’s pizza.


Thomas Fitzgibbons ’26
Director of Internal Affairs
Thomas is a sophomore in Adams House from Bronxville, NY studying History and Economics. He plays for the Harvard Men’s Rugby Team and loves to watch sports in his free time (especially the NY Rangers). Additionally, he’s a fan of the NY Giants, Yankees, and Texas Longhorns.


Past Presidents

Julia Blank ’24

Elliot Chin ’25

Diego Martinez ’23

David Arkow ’24

Buddy Scott ’22

Christopher Cheng ’23

Danny Blumenthal ’21

Ella Papanek ’21

Erik Johnsson ’20

Jack Schroeder ’21

Andrew Puopolo ’19

Benedict Brady ’19

Kevin Rader
Faculty Advisor
Kevin is a Senior Preceptor in the Statistics Department at Harvard. He is a recent recipient of the Derek C. Bok Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching of Undergraduates, for being “an exemplary, influential teacher whose enthusiasm and dedication are apparent every day.”

Mark Glickman
Faculty Advisor
Mark is a Senior Lecturer of Statistics at Harvard. He has put together the New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports (NESSIS) every other year since 2007, while producing all sorts of presentations, papers, and even performances.

Daniel Adler
Graduate Advisor
Daniel is pursuing a JD/MBA at Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. He is the former Director of Football Research for the Jacksonville Jaguars and has held internships with the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, and Major League Baseball. He is a former president of HSAC.

Contributing Writers
Jackson Weaver, Class of 2021
Matty Cheng, Class of 2021
Tate Huffman, Class of 2021
Charles Hua, Class of 2022
Frank Zhu, Class of 2022
Johnattan Ontiveros, Class of 2022
Lev Cohen, Class of 2022
Reid Piercy, Class of 2022
Shuvom Sadhuka, Class of 2022
Tucker Boynton, Class of 2022
Alex Rojas, Class of 2024
Joey Liu, Class of 2024
Jordan Woods, Class of 2024
Shiv Chandra, Class of 2024

Dr. Carl Morris, a founding advisor of HSAC, passed away in April 2023. Carl was instrumental in the creation of HSAC and the club would not exist in its current form without his dedication, mentorship, and support. HSAC owes him a profound sense of gratitude for where the group is today.


  • Hope all is well. Trying to reach Kurt T. Bullard for The Dan Patrick Show regarding his piece on Dolphins predicted to make the Super Bowl this upcoming season. Just need a head-shot, a land-line # to reach him at, and his exact title/position. Thank you very much. Todd Fritz / Executive Producer / The Dan Patrick Show

  • NFL Fantasy – Variation in fantasy production between annual classes

    In my fantasy league a lot of owners, based upon expert claims in the fantasy rhealm, have chosen to punt the 2016 rookie draft in dynasty leagues and trade away picks for a supposedly legendary upcoming 2017 draft.

    I wonder whether it is smart to go against the concensus. As such, is there any statistical analysis of fantasy classes from year to year? How much variation is there really between fantasy classes historically?

    To me opportunity is a key support to talent, for determining whether a player works out, so I see some opportunities even within this year’s rookie class…

    Any feedback would be helpful. And feel free to do a study 🙂