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Should Alex Gordon Have Been Sent Home?

Everyone saw it—with the Kansas City Royals down to their last out of October, facing the seemingly un-hittable Madison Bumgarner on the mound, Alex Gordon had a strike of luck: his blooper into center field got past a hard-charging Gregor Blanco, who was unable to put on the breaks as the ball went by him …Read More

HSAC’s NBA Predictions: Back of the Envelope Edition

By Julian Ryan The new NBA season brings promise and hope. Mathematically speaking, any team could be the champion and any player could win MVP (including Jason Kidd, who according to ESPN Fantasy basketball projections is expected to play 27.3 minutes per game for 65 games this year – will he get tired of his …Read More

Conference Bias in College Football

By Austin Tymins This past week, four of the top five teams in the Associated Press College Football Poll hailed from the SEC West Division. This has led many, such as Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, to question whether ESPN’s ownership of the brand-new SEC network, which launched this year, may be responsible for such a …Read More

Assessing the Value of NFL Punters

By Austin Tymins In the 94-year history of the National Football League over 14,000 games have been played. And in every game but two a punt has occurred (the recent Packers-Bears game in Week 4 was one of these rare occurrences). It seems as if these events that occur so often in the NFL have …Read More

New York Jets Coaching Carousel: Is Rex Ryan Coaching for his Job?

By Harrison Chase and Kurt Bullard Around the middle of the season every year, speculation rises amongst disgruntled fan bases regarding whether the head coach of their beloved team will get the ax by the end of the season. For no coach has this been truer over the past years than Rex Ryan, especially this …Read More

NFL Fantasy Football: Predicting Kicker Performance

By Henry Johnson The task of predicting fantasy football kickers’ performance has, on multiple occasions and by multiple analysts, been deemed a fool’s errand. Some kickers will do well and others will do poorly—anything more than this fact is beyond us mere mortals. But perhaps we can ask a different question: Given information about each …Read More

Are the San Antonio Spurs Too Old?

By Julian Ryan The current San Antonio Spurs team, despite winning the NBA Finals in a dominant fashion, are getting some flak from the internet community for being too old and past their prime. Even the statistical community is predicting some slippage for Greg Popovich’s warriors. This begs the question: how old is too old …Read More