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Just Give the SEC to Texas A&M

By William Ezekowitz Note: An earlier version of this article was published on rushthecourt This year the SEC was supposed to belong to Kentucky. The Cats entered the season with a new crop of highly touted freshmen, and Ben Simmons’ LSU and an improved Vanderbilt team were the only other schools even in the preseason top …Read More

How Points Are Created in the NBA

By Harrison Chase One of the newest sources of data for the NBA has been the SportVu tracking data, which tracks players 25 times each second, recording their position in x,y coordinates as well as the x,y and z coordinates of the ball. Through this data tons of new information is available: check out the …Read More

What Should We Think About the Yankee Bullpen?

By Jason Light Aroldis Chapman has brought a lot of attention toward the Yankee bullpen, with descriptors like “dominant” and a “three-headed monster” being thrown around. But as good as Chapman and the other two stars of the pen have been, there are a few causes for concern about the scary-on-paper group. Dellin Betances and …Read More

Cinderella Chances in the FA Cup

By Andrew Puopolo This weekend marks the 3rd round of the FA Cup on the British soccer calendar. For those (presumably American) readers that are unfamiliar with the FA Cup, it is a competition very similar in structure and tradition to March Madness. Every club, professional or amateur, is invited to take part in the …Read More

NFL Stat-Around: Who Will Win the Super Bowl?

Heading into the playoffs, multiple teams can make a claim that they are the favorites to win it all, and even those who just barely snuck in have hopes. We decided to look at several of the playoff teams from an analytical perspective, drawing attention to a stat or two that supports the idea of …Read More

Understanding the Decline of Peyton Manning

By Kurt Bullard It’s hard to believe we’re only two years removed from what might have been the greatest single-season performance from a quarterback of all time: 5,477 yards, 55 touchdowns. And yet, the Broncos enter the postseason as perhaps one of the weakest 1-seeds in recent memory, mostly because of the question mark that …Read More

Predicting Pitcher Injuries

The following post is just part of a larger project on predicting pitcher injuries. Read the full paper here: Predicting Pitcher Injuries By Kurt Bullard, Jake Meagher, and Declan Garvey Over the past five years, over 23 percent of pitchers have been placed on the Disabled List (DL). We set out to create a model—using logistic …Read More

NFL Coach Hot Seat Model: Chip Kelly, Chuck Pagano, and More

By Harrison Chase Over the past two years we have introduced, updated, and modified a logistic regression model to predict which NFL coach will be fired by the end of the season. As the season is nearly over and “Black Monday” is fast approaching, now seems as good a time as any to update the …Read More

Belichick Might Have Been Wrong (For Once)

By Thomas Negron This past Sunday, Bill Belichick did the unthinkable, he chose to kickoff in overtime. Controversy erupted as there seemed to be communication errors between the referees and Patriots Special Teams Captain Matthew Slater. However, after the game, Coach Belichick did stand by his decision to kickoff. He was hoping his defense would …Read More

Dive Into the Tiebreakers: How The Colts Can Make the Playoffs

By John Acton Because the NFL has a small sample size and football games are too physically draining to schedule extra tiebreakers, hard-core NFL fans are well-accustomed to accounting for tiebreaking procedures before and during Week 17 games. Normally these tiebreakers are fairly straightforward factors such as head-to-head record or record in common games. But …Read More