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Party in the Backfield

By Austin Tymins As the NFL gets more and more pass-reliant, having an effective pass rush has become a necessity. In this post, I’m going to look at the 2014 season in detail to identify the best pass rushers and best sacking teams. To do this, it is important to incorporate an expected points model …Read More

Is it Time to Give up on [Insert Underperforming Fantasy Player Here]?

DeMarco Murray came into the season one of the top ranked running backs, and has put up only 8.1 points per game so far this season – falling drastically in the rankings as a result. Still, he’s doing better than C.J. Anderson who came in ranked even higher by many and through four games has …Read More

Unheralded Fantasy Quarterbacks

By Kurt Bullard Every year, there’s a player in fantasy football that someone just stumbled upon who came out of nowhere to be not only a good starter, but a great one. This year, it’s been Tyrod Taylor, who threw 35 passes in his four-year stint as backup to a ELITE Quarterback before bursting onto …Read More

Chelsea’s Title Hangover

By Thomas Negron Last season’s Premier League title was all but won last April at Emirates Stadium where Chelsea secured a 0-0 draw to maintain a 10 point league lead over Arsenal with just five matches left to play. As the Chelsea players celebrated the likely league title, Arsenal supporters belted a chorus of “Boring, …Read More

The Effect of Time Zones on Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

by Henry Johnson During Sunday’s Chargers-Vikings game, Philip Rivers had a lot to go up against. He had to deal with constant pressure, injured teammates, and unfortunate tipped passes. As a result, Rivers delivered a paltry nine points to fantasy football owners. But it’s possible that his toughest opponent wasn’t the Minnesota Vikings. Perhaps Rivers …Read More

Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy: Quarterbacks

By Kurt Bullard A few days ago, I wrote this post about whether or not to consider the strength of an opposing defense in choosing what running backs to start in your fantasy lineup. Today, I’ll do the same for quarterbacks. Personally, I’ve always adopted a strategy during drafts where I take two borderline top …Read More

Insert Title Here: Why Manchester United Desperately Need a Title This Season

By Nathan Goldberg, Maja Campara, Christopher Martinez, and Siqi Zhao After a glorious 26 year and 38 trophy spell at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson decided to step down from his role as manager immediately after winning the 2012-2013 English Premier League campaign. It was always going to be hard to live up to the …Read More

Lewandowski’s Historic Night

By Andrew Puopolo Today, Robert Lewandowski came on as a halftime substitute for Bayern Munich as they trailed 1-0 at home to VfL Wolfsburg. 14 minutes later, following the most incredible sequence of events, Lewandowski had scored 5 goals and Bayern Munich led 5-1 after goals in the 51st, 53rd, 55th, 57th and 60th minute. …Read More

Fantasy Football Lineup Strategy: Running Backs

By Kurt Bullard For most fantasy football fanatics, lineup tinkering is an every week occurrence come Sunday morning. Before heated matchups and a Sunday spent sitting on the couch watching football, these managers take one last look at their lineups, perhaps making a change or two before submitting the lineup and letting the Fantasy Gods …Read More

Bears vs. Packers: How different was this year’s matchup?

By Tomo Lazovich As a native Chicagoan and perennial Bears fan, I approached last Sunday’s season opener at home against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers with the usual mix of hope and dread that I have come to associate with such games in the Jay Cutler era. On the one hand, a win …Read More