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NBA Franchise Valuations: The Business of Basketball

By Austin Tymins As a result of the Donald Sterling controversy, the Los Angeles Clippers went up for sale in what quickly descended into a bidding war. Former Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer ended up with the highest bid for the team for a record-setting $2 billion. However, the most recent valuation done by Forbes magazine …Read More

A Different Measure of Diversity in Pro Sports

By Henry Johnson On June 24, The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDE) released its evaluation of the NBA in terms of racial and gender hiring practices for executives, referees, announcers, coaches, and players. The league earned a grade of “A+” from TIDE, as 80.5% of players and 43.3% of coaches during the …Read More

NBA Finals: Is There a Heat-Refs Conspiracy?

Following in the footsteps of rigged lotteries and expelled superstars, the NBA conspiracy theory du jour holds that referees work their magic to help the Miami Heat win games. Paul George has griped about it and The Onion has spoofed it, but the theory’s doubters claim that the Heat deserve more calls because they attack …Read More

A Major League Commodity: Predicting Masahiro Tanaka’s success in the MLB

By: DJ Link As its franchises experience a heightened demand for talented players, Major League Baseball has opened its doors to many countries worldwide. One country in particular that is influenced by Major League Baseball is Japan, where domestic baseball players aspire to sign a contract with American teams. While it is true that Major …Read More

Mr. 105.4: The MLB Hall of Fame Case for Mr. 3000

By Theo Gerome and Henry Johnson Stan Ross, the egotistical title character of Mr. 3000, claims that he “deserves to be in the Hall of Fame with the immortals.” The baseball writers disagree. Hitting total aside, he is denied admission to Cooperstown, prompting excessive pouting and one obvious question: what do the numbers say? While …Read More

Bringing Pythagorean Expectation to College Lacrosse

By Austin Tymins The Pythagorean expectation is a predictive win model originally developed for use in baseball that uses a formula similar to the Pythagorean theorem using runs scored and runs allowed to predict winning percentage. The calculated Pythagorean winning percentage can therefore be used to evaluate how lucky a team is at the end …Read More

NBA Basketball: The Spurs and Quantifying Movement

By Harrison Chase and and Carlos Peña-Lobel As the postseason begins, the Spurs once again are in the driver’s seat of the Western Conference. This a familiar sight – since the 1999-2000 season the Spurs have amassed fifteen consecutive 50+ win seasons (including this year), the most in league history, and four 60+ win seasons. …Read More