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Can Kobe Catch the Mailman?

By Julian Ryan This past weekend Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan for third on the career NBA points scoring leaderboard. While perhaps he has never quite been the player MJ was, his resume is undeniably impressive and he will go down as an all-time great. However, what are the chances that Kobe goes all the …Read More

NFL Analytics: Turnovers Are Turnovers

By Austin Tymins After the Philadelphia Eagles close loss to the Arizona Cardinals a few weeks back, Eagles players and coaches blamed much of their failure on turning the ball over in the red zone. “You turn the ball over twice inside the red zone,” Head Coach Chip Kelly stated, “you’re gonna lose the football …Read More

A Gambler’s Guide to Harvard-Yale

By Julian Ryan This Saturday Harvard will host Yale for the 131st iteration of The Game. Each school’s student body will descend upon the campus and at the end of the day there will be a winner, but who will win and by how much? Harvard is 9-0 this season, ranked #14 in the FCS …Read More

NFL Coaching Hot Seat Week 12

By Harrison Chase and Kurt Bullard Last month, we tried to assess the probability that front offices from each team would fire their coach at the end of a season. While the methodology is laid out in the last post, we can quick summarize here: we found 14 quantitative variables related to team performance—including wins, …Read More

Is Harvard going back to the NCAA Tournament?

By Julian Ryan Harvard basketball was ranked #25 in the AP preseason poll, marking the first top-25 preseason ranking in school history. The last time an Ivy program was ranked in the preseason was Penn in 1975. The ranking reflects the team’s fantastic wins in the NCAA tournament over the past two seasons and is …Read More

How Long Will the Philadelphia 76ers Keep Losing?

By Julian Ryan The Philadelphia 76ers are really bad at basketball. It’s starting to get awkward. We thought last year’s version of random dudes that actively tanked was bad, but is it possible this season’s team is even worse? The Sixers are 0-7 and getting blown out by an average of a whopping 12.9 points …Read More

Champagne and Campaign: Do NBA Teams Play Worse on The Road in Party Cities?

By William Ezekowitz Contrary to popular belief, NBA players are people like you and me. But unlike you and me, NBA players are constantly travelling across the country with, as Nik Stauskas will attest, a fair amount of spending money. This inevitably leads to what Jalen Rose has termed “champagning and campaigning.” In many podcasts …Read More

NBA Rookies’ Speech Sophistication

By Henry Johnson NBA season is officially upon us, and the league has already delivered two of its most dependable exports: ridiculous Westbrook threads and a disconcerting D-Rose injury. This year also features one of the most highly-touted draft classes in recent memory. And while the jury is out on which rookies will bust and …Read More

Will The Oklahoma City Thunder Make the Playoffs?

By Kurt Bullard The Oklahoma City Thunder came into this season already facing adversity, as it was revealed that Kevin Durant would be sidelined with a foot injury for at least the first four-to-six months of the season. But the hardship for OKC has not ended there.  In the second quarter of the second game …Read More

The Value of Player Movement in the NBA

By Harrison Chase and Carlos Pena-Lobel  In a post we wrote last spring, we looked at the teams with the best passing and movement over the course of the 2013-2014 NBA season. Having done this, we will now attempt to determine whether passing and movement actually improve an offense, and if so, how. Intuitively, it …Read More