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Evaluating the Best Coach-Quarterback Combos

By Harrison Chase For all of the 21st century, the New England Patriots have been a dominant force in the NFL. Since Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady first joined forces in 2001, the duo has seen 12 playoff appearances, 12 AFC East championships, 6 conference championships, and now, in their thirteenth year together, …Read More

Breaking Down Peyton Manning’s Playoff Woes

By Barrett Hansen Super Bowl XLIX is being billed as a matchup between two of the best postseason quarterbacks in the business: the prolific Tom Brady and the cool Russell Wilson. But, just as the two Super Bowl starters are placed on a pedestal of playoff greatness, another name enters the discussion as an example …Read More

Exactly How Unlikely Was Klay Thompson’s Third Quarter?

By William Ezekowitz Klay Thompson’s third quarter was stuff of video game-esque proportions, the likes of which we have never really seen in real life. The man scored 29 points in 6 minutes. In the whole third quarter he was 13 for 13 from the field (9 for 9 from 3) for a total of …Read More

Premier League: Do Derbies Feature More Aggression?

By Brendan Kent The Premier League has seen an influx of foreign talent in recent years. Some would argue that as a result, derby matches don’t have the passion and aggression that they used to. These detractors of modern derbies harken back to a day when local boys played for their local clubs and grew …Read More

A Statistical Ranking of the Biggest Partiers in the NBA

By Harrison Chase When J.R. Smith got traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers a few weeks ago in a multi-team deal, many great articles were written commemorating his time in New York. Rather than rehash these glorious moments, I will direct you to this great article by Jason Concepcion at Grantland that does a phenomenal job of celebrating J.R.’s accomplishments …Read More

4th Down Strategy: Punt, Go for It, or Try the Hard Count?

By Barrett Hansen As we saw in the Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots game last weekend, facing a fourth down in opponent territory but outside the 35-yard line can make for quite the coaching quandary. You can run out the kicker for a long and improbable field goal attempt that, if missed, would leave …Read More

Seattle deserves an NBA franchise…and so does San Diego

By Austin Tymins When the Seattle SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City in 2008, one of the best media markets in the country was left without an NBA franchise. This was a surprising move, because of both the controversy surrounding the negotiations and  the long history of the SuperSonics in Seattle. Is Seattle really the most deserving market …Read More

Can Kentucky Be Perfect?

By Julian Ryan Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats are primed for a run at greatness this season. With a deluge of McDonald’s All-Americans on the roster, Coach Cal has been dominating with his platoon system, and even the loss of likely first rounder Alex Poythress cannot slow them down. After surviving their likely toughest regular season test …Read More

What if the Ivy League had a Conference Tournament?

By Will Ezekowitz and Harrison Chase Play in the most unique college basketball conference, the Ivy League, is about to start up again this Saturday. The Ivy League is the only conference in the country that doesn’t have a tournament to decide whom to grant its automatic NCAA tournament bid to, but rather relies upon …Read More

What If All Sports Were Like Boxing?

by Ben Zauzmer Of all the methods of awarding a championship, none is stranger than boxing. To become the champion, you simply have to beat the current champion. No matter if you lost the vast majority of your fights this year. No matter if you’ve lost to the current champion multiple times in the past. …Read More