Predicting the Coaches’ Poll Week 10: How Far Will Bama Fall?

By Chris Bruce and John Ezekowitz

This is post is in a series of our attempts to predict college football polls. For more info, see posts here and here.

The major story in college football this week was, of course, the titanic clash between Alabama and LSU. LSU won in overtime, 9-6. While others may opine on  whether the game was a “classic” or not, we are more interested in predicting how far the Tide will fall in the polls. As you can see from our Predicted Coaches’ Poll below, we expect them to drop below Stanford and Oklahoma State, but not Boise State. We also see Oklahoma State nipping past Stanford as they beat Kansas State, a ranked team.

Edit: here is the actual poll. Amazingly, aside from Stanford and Oklahoma State, we predicted the entirety of the top 15 correctly.

(note: because of some technical difficulties, this week we are only predicting the Coaches’ Poll. The AP Poll predictions will be back next week)

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