A Transcript and Illustration of Kenny Smith’s Glorious Blake Griffin Car Dunk Speech

By David Roher

Transcript, compiled by watching this Youtube video:

KENNY: Well, we seen a lot of dunks over the dunk…over the great dunk contest, look at this panel, this esteemed panel, that was sitting here, and we’ve seen them do everything that you’ve ever seen. But sometimes you just gotta go a little bit extra. You gotta go a little bit extra so can I bring some extra stuff out! We gonna bring the pageantry to the dunk contest. Everybody else brought pageantry, we’ve seen teddy bears, cars, things…we need to bring something out! We need to bring it out! [Pause as car rolls] When you trying to get somewhere, a lot of the times you take a…you walk, you might take a bike, but sometimes you need to get in a car. ..Sometimes cars are obstacles…sometime they’re things that can help you! But tonight, this car is nothing but an obstacle…So just open your mind!…We trying to get it right. We’re trying to get it right…Yes. Stand up ladies and gentlemen! Stand up! Stand up ladies and gentlemen! Ladies and gentlemen – Blake, do you believe you can do this? Blake, Do you believe you can do this? Blake, do you believe you can do this?

BLAKE: I dunno, man. Um…I mean…

KENNY: You gotta believe! Yo, Ladies and gentlemen, we have the Crenshaw Elite Choir to make you believe! [Choir starts singing]. He needs to believe! I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you! Every night and day…Oh wait a minute, it’s not over. We also have a special guest for this dunk. Here he is: Baron Davis.

[Choir continues to sing]

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