Guest Speaker: Boston Celtics President Rich Gotham

From Left to Right: Daniel Adler, David Roher, Celtics President Rich Gotham, Elizabeth Fryman, Xander Marcus, Jonathan Adler, Jake Fisher, Neil Curran, and Faculty Advisor Professor Carl Morris

By Elizabeth Fryman

On the eve of the Boston Celtics’ ninth straight win, HSAC welcomed Celtics Team President Rich Gotham to speak at our last meeting of the semester. Rich joined members of the current and former Executive Board for dinner in Lowell House before the meeting, reliving the college dining hall experience (As a side note, special props to Rich for humoring my paranoia over an intense game of House Assassins and red plastic water gun during dinner. For the record, the paranoia was legitimate.  I was killed after the meeting by an assassin who had been staking out in the cold for over an hour).  We discussed everything from Red Auerbach to performance of younger college players in the NBA to the legacy of Kentucky basketball (represent).

After dinner, we welcomed the Harvard undergraduate community and HSAC members to the meeting for a discussion with Rich about his career, entry into the sports business world, and role in revitalizing the Celtics management after new ownership took over in 2002.  Above all, Rich stressed the importance of good ownership and smart management in the success of any sport franchise, and questioned whether he would have made the move into sports management for any team other than the Celtics (Conclusion: as a native Bostonian and basketball guy, probably not).

HSAC members, feel free to add anything else you found interesting or especially notable about this speaker in the comments.

Thanks for coming, Rich!

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