Andrew Puopolo
Andrew is a rising Senior in Quincy House concentrating in statistics. Despite hailing from New York City, he is a fan of all Boston area sports teams and is a massive supporter of Tottenham Hotspur FC. Andrew worked as a data analyst for the New York Cosmos in the Summer of 2016 and aided them to an NASL Championship. He is a member of the Varsity Sailing Team and the Harvard College Consulting Group. Besides soccer and sailing, he is also very passionate about ice hockey and running. You can follow him on Twitter @andrew_puopolo.


Benedict Brady
Benedict is a rising Senior in Kirkland House concentrating in statistics. Having lived in Evanston, Illinois his entire life, he is a loyal to the volatile state of Chicago sports. Through playing a fair amount of pickup basketball, he is anecdotally convinced that his shooting is conclusive evidence of the hot hand theory. You can follow him on twitter @bqbrady.


Chase Aldridge
Blog Editor/Research Chair
Chase is a rising Senior in Winthrop House concentrating in Economics. Growing up in Los Angeles, he is an avid Lakers and FC Barcelona fan. After watching too many Stump the Schwab episodes, he became an expert in sports trivia. He is the captain of the Varsity Baseball team at Harvard and is working for the San Diego Padres in their baseball operations department. You can follow him on twitter @chaseoaldridge.


Brendan Connolly
Brendan is a rising Sophomore in Cabot House concentrating in Economics. Growing up in Hanover, Massachusetts, Brendan has always been a huge fan of Boston sports. His first love, baseball, led him to his current position as Student Assistant on the Harvard Varsity Baseball team. He is also a member of the Club Baseball team. You can follow him on Twitter @bdconnolly8


Danny Blumenthal

Danny is a rising Sophomore in Canaday planning to concentrate in psychology. He is a big fan of the sports teams in the Boston area, especially the New England Patriots. Originally from Long Island, he is happy to be in friendlier territory now.


Brendan Kent
Co-President Emeritus
Brendan is a Senior in Eliot House concentrating in statistics. Originally from Bend, Oregon, he has been the Soccer Data Analyst for the Portland Timbers since the 2015 (championship) season. He is a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers and supports Tottenham Hotspur FC. You can follow him on Twitter @brendankent.

Henry Johnson
Co-President Emeritus
Henry Johnson is a senior living in Lowell House. A native of Sycamore, Illinois, Henry roots for Chicago sports teams, as well as the NIU Huskies and Wisconsin Badgers. Henry studies statistics and African American studies, and he spent the summer of 2017 interning for the Yankees.

Kevin Rader
Faculty Advisor
Kevin is a Senior Preceptor in the Statistics Department at Harvard. He is a recent recipient of the Derek C. Bok Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching of Undergraduates, for being “an exemplary, influential teacher whose enthusiasm and dedication are apparent every day.”

Mark Glickman
Faculty Advisor
Mark is a Senior Lecturer of Statistics at Harvard. He has put together the New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports (NESSIS) every other year for almost a decade, while producing all sorts of presentations, papers, and even performances.

Dr. Carl Morris
Faculty Advisor Emeritus
Dr. Morris is a Professor in the Statistics Department at Harvard. He has done pioneering work in the theory of statistics as applied to sports and competition, especially in baseball and tennis.  In addition to a plethora of published sports related articles, Dr. Morris appears in the book Moneyball.

Daniel Adler
Graduate Advisor
Daniel is pursuing a JD/MBA at Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. He is the former Director of Football Research for the Jacksonville Jaguars and has held internships with the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, and Major League Baseball. He is a former president of HSAC.

Contributing Writers
Daniel Alpert, Class of 2018
Nicholas Heath, Class of 2018
Noah Reimers, Class of 2019
Robert Feinberg, Class of 2019
Mitchell Pleasure, Class of 2019
Alex Meade, Class of 2019
Carrington Walsh, Class of 2020
Ethan McCollister, Class of 2020
Anirudh Suresh, Class of 2020
Jackson Weaver, Class of 2021
Matty Cheng, Class of 2021
Jack Schroeder, Class of 2021
Tate Huffman, Class of 2021


  • Hope all is well. Trying to reach Kurt T. Bullard for The Dan Patrick Show regarding his piece on Dolphins predicted to make the Super Bowl this upcoming season. Just need a head-shot, a land-line # to reach him at, and his exact title/position. Thank you very much. Todd Fritz / Executive Producer / The Dan Patrick Show

  • NFL Fantasy – Variation in fantasy production between annual classes

    In my fantasy league a lot of owners, based upon expert claims in the fantasy rhealm, have chosen to punt the 2016 rookie draft in dynasty leagues and trade away picks for a supposedly legendary upcoming 2017 draft.

    I wonder whether it is smart to go against the concensus. As such, is there any statistical analysis of fantasy classes from year to year? How much variation is there really between fantasy classes historically?

    To me opportunity is a key support to talent, for determining whether a player works out, so I see some opportunities even within this year’s rookie class…

    Any feedback would be helpful. And feel free to do a study 🙂

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